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Yesterday began a time of fear and worry for me and for much of the United States of America.

Suggesting that it is a worry for the world would be overstepping ego.

Mr. Donald J. Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States of America.

So much has been written about this man’s background, both his personal and his business dealings, that to rehash it here is pointless.

I will simply say that, while America somehow chose this man as POTUS through its Electoral College, I am worried what the possible ramifications will be for not choosing a statesman, diplomat, and veteran politician for this position.

Does America’s political system need to change? Perhaps.

But I am of the belief that you do not fix a “well-oiled machine” by putting in a rusty engine that knocks and rattles and blows unhealthy, angry smoke.

I am now more worried than ever about America’s safety. I am concerned that Mr. Trump does not know when to bridle his temper or his tongue and that someday, somehow … he will start a war that will imperil not just the USA … but the world.

His policies may take away health care from the sick, poor and weakest people. His Supreme Court choices may reverse decisions that have historically improved America. His signature will desecrate America's (and the world's) ecological environment. His prejudices may cause social unrest and a civil war on the streets of my beloved country.

Yes, I am worried for my America.

I hope that I am 100% wrong and that Mr. Trump does "make America great again".

Whatever that means to whomever interprets it.

God bless America.

[05:40pm MST]

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