"That's why God made menus."

Hmmm ... about me?

After much thought and at the urging of some,
I have resolved myself to this page.
I am however, reserving the right
to change my mind at any time.

Both about the page and the details.

I am a daughter of the Arizona desert. My soul longs to sail on the open sea.

I am the youngest of three.  The only female child.

I am not married.

I am tall.  Real tall.  And yes, the weather is fine up here.

I am a lover of all sports professional.  A lover of all sports amateur.

I have been known to paint and draw.  Not as often as I would like.

I love and trust my God, my spirit and honor the spirit in others.

I serve my soul in my idealistic notions and charitable affiliations. I serve my aspirations in anticipation of needed cures. Primum non nocere.

And I serve chocolate every chance I get.


standards now

Favorite color   That deep glowing blue that is just above the horizon upon sunset over the Arizona desert. Red ... deep, dark gem tone red.

Least favorite color   Mauve.  Love love love pink, hate mauve.

Favorite food   Anything spicy and up there on the Scoville scale.   Chocolate ... no surprise there, eh?   And cheesey scrambled eggs. Actually, cheesey anything.

Least favorite food  Brussel sprouts.  Dear gawd, why cook things that smell so bad?

Favorite Musician  Craig Chaquico, Ottmar Leibert, Eric Clapton, Rick Braun, Boney James, Chris Botti, Peter White.

Favorite Very Hip Music Choice  Latin especially Brazilian Jazz and Tropicália.

Favorite Not So Hip Music Choice  Swing. Big band. Pop oldies.

Favorite Musical Artist Male & Female   In a word, all.

Favorite Enduring Musical Style   Jazz, baby ... smooth and mellow. Cool. Hot, sensual and sizzling. Eclectic. Progressive.

Favorite Non-Digital Artist  da Vinci, Matisse, Monet, Manet, Vermeer, Georgia O'Keefe, Wayne Thiebaud, Chuck Close, Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams ... and the craftspersons of the Southwest and Mexico: ancient and current.

The TV Show  I am a news, weather and sports addict: CNN, MSNBC, ESPN.  I am a huge fan of Rachel Maddow.  I am entertained by Bravo, TLC, Discovery, The History Channel, National Geographic & HGTV. Love watching my Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and the two (yes, two) major universities I attended: ASU and UofA.   And of course there's my favorite ... Project Runway. I humbly admit to my late night penchant for The Golden Girls and Frasier on Hallmark (I don't sleep well).   Yes, I watch way too much TV... because TV is my friend. ;-)

The Movie Genre  Prefer "period" pieces due to the palette of the costuming, the scenery and management of language. Believe I was born in the wrong century.

The Authors  They range from Hemingway and Poe ... to Crichton and Grisham ... to Browning and Baudelaire ... to Anne Rice ... to the multitudes of medical mystery writers. And Shakespeare ... dear Willie, to have been your muse.

The Magazine  Architectural Digest. And I wish Mirabella was still around.

Favorite Indulgence:  Exquisite writing instruments and really good handbags.

Favorite Flower:  Hydrangeas (any color) - growing. Sterling roses - cut.

Immediate Goal:  To simplify my life with less "stuff" ... create and cherish empty space in my drawers, closets and cabinets. To stop letting my possessions own me.

Lifetime Goal: To live one 24 hour day without pain. Or to have one really good night's sleep.

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